School’s Out For Summer!!

Every student at Laurelvillle Elementary knows that school for 2009-2010 is over. Yes it is very sad to be leaving everyone but we  can’t help that. From being at camp, to hanging with friends, to learning in class, sixth grade has been a blast. Not just for me, but for everyone.

So I wanted to take this time to thank all my elementary teachers and my friends because all of you have helped me so much. So to my 6th grade teachers, thank you. Ms. Bowlby, for teching us Math and showing us that we CAN acheive. Mr. McGuire, for teaching us Language Arts and for helping us do great. Mrs. Cartee for being awesome and helping us do good in science. Last but definatley not least, Mrs. Griffey, for showing us that Social Studies is important and cool. Thank you all because without you I wouldn’t be on my way to 7th grade next year.

Next year I will be going to 7th grade. New teachers, new rooms, new friends. It’s like moving to a new school. Where you don’t know anyone, where to go, who will help you and if you are cool enough. So I’m not going to lie, I am terrified, but without all my friends, family and teachers, I wouldn’t be able to admit that so thanks to everyone. ON A POSITVE NOTE, WE ARE 7TH GRADERS NEXT YEAR!


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Does Integrity Matter To You?

Mr. McGuire wrote a post about integrity, relating it to our past Read-Out-Loud, Freak the Mighty. He made me think super hard but I think I got an idea about what to put! Check out the post before reading this. Click here to read Mr.McGuire’s post. These are the questions that Mr.McGuire asked:

Kevin’s view of integrity.  How does it compare to yours?  In a few words, does your integrity guide how you live?

This is the comment that I wrote to these questions:

I think that integrity should matter to all people of all ages. Integrity matters to me because how do I expect everyone to have good integrity if I don’t myself. Having good integrity matters a lot to me, but when I do the right thing I don’t even think about it!

If I was told a secret for my ears only. I wouldn’t let it leave my mouth and if I was faced with the candy situation I wouldn’t take any. If a friend of mine was planning on dieing and I said I wouldn’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t but I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t want to!

Keven’s view of integrity is like mine, I think. You should have good integrity!Integrity guides how I live by pointing me in the right direction, making me make good choices and making me to be a better person!

Like I said before, Integrity matters. You may be young and not understand or you just don’t care but you can’t expect yourself to be a good person without having good integrity first!

This is the comment that I wrote. So does integrity matter to you?

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The Last Step in Writing a Narative

The last step in writing my narrative is here. This is it:

6.  Finish with style.  What lesson does the main character learn?  How will the reader connect and learn from the moral?

The lesson that the character will learn is obey your parents, stick with your friends and don’t talk to strangers. The reader connects and learns from the moral is they will follow and learn the lesson and they will be afraid to do other than this.

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The Fifth Step In Writing a Narrative

The fifth step. The fifth step in writing my narrative is:

5. How will the main character solve the problem?  What positive attribute like courage, creativity, or intelligence does he/she possess which will help him succeed?

The main character solves the problem by taking James’ phone and calling 911!  The positive attribute that the character gets is courage. That helps her succeed.

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The Fourth Step In Writing a Narrative!

Okay so it’s the fourth step. We are actually moving on. This is my fourth step in writing a narrative:

4. What crisis will occur at the last minute which will grab the reader and give the main character a last chance to solve the problem?  Plan for a fingernail biting moment.

The crisis that will occur at the last minute that will grab the reader and give them a last chance to solve the problem is when James leaves the trailer and one of the characters steal something from him. But does he catch them, or not?

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Third Step in Writing a Narrative!

Hey guys! Can you believe we are only on our third step! This is going to take a lot of time! This is my third step!

3.  Create the problem or conflict?  What minor problems will build tension leading to the climax?  How will the main character react when faced with the main problem/conflict?

The problem or conflict in my story is we get kidnapped.

The minor problems that build tension to lead to the climax are that we have extra-long volleyball practice. Another minor problem is my mom forgets to pick us up so we have to walk. The last minor problem is we get lost so we have to go through the Forbidden Woods!

The main character will be scared and is trying to be brave, she will be confused and cold and lost like the other characters when faced with the main climax.

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Second Step in Writing a Narrative

In the Reading Workshop we have to write the second step in writing our narrative. The question was:

Create the setting.  Where and when does the story take place.  How does the setting impact the story?

How many settings our there? Two

What are the places? School, Forbidden Woods( James’ Trailer)

One setting is School. They story takes place on the first day of school in 2010. The setting impacts the story because the reader would know what was going on because they have been to school before.

Another setting is the Forbidden Woods. The story takes place after volleyball practice on the way home from school.It effects the story because it makes it mysterious  and scary and a little creepy and intense.

A part of the Forbidden Woods is James’ Trailer. It takes place after we pass through the woods. It makes you scared to read-on but want to at the same time.

This is my second step in writing a narrative!

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